Clinical challenges in Diagnosing and Treating Tropical diseases caused by infectious agents and their Medicinal Studies

Tropical Diseases, Infections and Tropical Medicine

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Jackson Ville, USA

Sep 28-29, 2017

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Tropical diseases, Infections and Tropical Medicine

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Tropical diseases are most commonly caused by bacteria and viruses. These type of microorganisms cause common illnesses with parasitic and pathological lifecycles. The climatic temperature zone favours the spread of viral and bacterial diseases directly from person to person, transmission occurs via airborne or by sexual contact. Apparently, many diseases are also spread on intake of contaminated water and food sources, since clean water and sanitary conditions are often a luxury in developing countries. In addition some of the tropical diseases are spread by an intermediate carrier known as vector.  The spreading of theses tropical disease agents often must undergo important developing scientific research studies before they complete their life cycle and infective for human.

The awareness on tropical diseases is needed in developing countries. Ofcourse, the sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness has become more luxury in developing countries. The impact of vector borne parasites and their pathogenesis has become more effective in daily life of human race.

Scientific research and clinical studies on these tropical diseases causing bugs need to be continued and explored. The innovative drugs and advanced diagnostic tools are important in order to eradicate and control of these neglected tropical diseases.

Grand Invitation from Pulsus Group to participants from all over the world to attend Tropical diseases, Infections and Tropical Medicine” held during Sep 28-29, 2017 Jackson Ville, USA includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Workshops and Exhibitions.

The Tropical diseases 2017 conference will be organized with the theme “Clinical challenges in Diagnosing and Treating Tropical diseases caused by infectious agents and their Medicinal Studies”.


Tropical bugs and their outbreaks

Parasite and Pathology

Parasite Genomic Studies

Tropical Diseases and Transmission

Types of Tropical Diseases

Antibiotics and Vaccines

Prevention and Treatment

Climatic Spread of Tropical Diseases

Neglected Tropical and Communicable diseases

Childhood Vaccines

Hygiene and Health

Diseases and Substantial Illnesses

Manifestation of Severity of Tropical Diseases

Therapeutic studies and Treatments

Conference highlights & Tracks